Updates from our 70th anniversary challenge

 This April marks the end of our 70th Anniversary year, and what a year it’s been! We are amazed, impressed and most of all incredibly grateful to all of the people who have taken part in our ‘Sponsor Me for 70’ fundraising challenge – over £10,000 has been raised so far!

Sponsor Me for 70 has been an opportunity for people to raise money for Sheffield Mencap and Gateway by doing 70 of something – we’ve had people sing 70 songs, tell 70 jokes, walk 70km and even knit 70 teddies.

All of the sponsorship money raised through these challenges has gone directly back into Sheffield Mencap and Gateway to fund our new Sensory Room.

Thanks to your generosity, we now have a state of the art space where members can benefit from multi-sensory experiences, to stimulate or calm as needed.

The specialist equipment we have purchased is designed to support emotional regulation, reduce anxiety and provide a safe space to relax and wind down.

The Sensory Room includes a Light Wall, which encourages attention and interaction as you trigger and track lights across the panels. The Bubble Tube provides calming physical and auditory feedback, through hearing the hum of the motor and the vibrations from the bubbles. Members are supported to understand cause and effect with the Sight to Sound panel, as they make a sound and watch as it transforms into a visual light show. We even have an Aroma Panel so members can enjoy different scents.

As you can see from these photos and video, members from our children’s groups have been enjoying the new Sensory Room

The Sensory Room has been fantastic for children. If they are finding the group too noisy and need some calm time alone, it is perfect. Children know that it is there as an option for them, and will let us know when they need some time out. They can then come back to group after a break in the Sensory Room, ready to interact with others again.

Children’s Services Team Leader

Darren sang a 70 song medley

Laura and Joel walked 70km together

George told 70 jokes

Nicola cycled 70 miles

It’s not too late to get involved!

 Could you help us raise even more money through doing a sponsored challenge?

In groups or individually,  get sponsored for doing a challenge of your choosing with the theme of ’70’, to celebrate Sheffield Mencap and Gateway’s 70th anniversary year. Do something 70 times, or for 70 days in a row, for example – no matter how big or small. Be as creative and original as you like, challenges can start anytime before the end of April so there is still time, and every penny of sponsorship you raise will go straight back into funding our services.

 The link to register your own ‘Sponsor Me For 70’ fundraising challenge is the same as to donate:


If you have any questions about Sponsor Me for 70, or would like more information about fundraising for us, please get in touch.

Sue knitted 70 teddies