We are working with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Sheffield GP practices to support adults with learning disabilities to attend their Annual Health Check and appointments for covid, flu and pneumonia vaccinations. This can be done independently or with the support of a carer.

An Annual Health Check should be carried out once a year by a healthcare professional and will take a closer look at an individual’s health. These appointments are important as typically people with a learning disability have worse health than people without a learning disability and are more likely to experience a number of health conditions. Attending an Annual Health Check will reduce health inequalities between those with and without a learning disability.

Annual Health Checks:

  • Are available for most people aged 14 and older with a learning disability
  • Are preventative. They mean any problems or worries can be dealt with quickly
  • Are a good way for people to get to know their doctor better, and for doctors to find out more about the individuals needs and preferences

Vaccinations are a safe and effective way to reduce your chance of catching common communicable diseases, and can reduce the severity of symptoms if you do catch them. Covid, flu and pneumonia can be extremely serious for people with a learning disability, many of whom are classed as ‘clinically vulnerable’. We will work with each individual to give them all the information and support they need to keep safe and well by ensuring their vaccines are up-to-date.

How can we help you?

  • Answer any questions you have about Annual Health Checks
  • Answer any questions you have about vaccinations for covid, flu or pneumonia
  • Book appointments at a convenient time and place
  • Support with transport to the appointment
  • Support during the appointment
  • Help setting up home visits or online appointments
  • Make sure any reasonable adjustments or extra support are put in place at appointments
  • Support with any follow-up appointments or information (Health Action Plans)

If you would like to apply for support with an Annual Health Check or vaccination, please contact us or download and return our referral form here.

More Information