Our drama group is delighted to be part of Sheffield Theatre’s Launchpad project once again, with rehearsals for this year’s show well underway.

Every Launchpad show is created and performed by adults with a learning disability, with the support of a team of theatrical professionals. Titled ‘Total Ripple Effect’, this year’s show explores time travel through a computer game, which transports unsuspecting players to significant periods in history. Then the game starts to malfunction…. The concept was inspired by ‘Urgent! A Timely Play’ by Nicole Joseph, and has been reimagined by the Launchpad members.

Our members shared what they enjoy about being part of Launchpad:


I love being back at the crucible and the idea of the new show being based on a computer game really appeals to me, as I love computer games.


It’s my first Launchpad and I’ve never performed in a play before. I find it really good. I’m looking forward to showing people the performance.


I’m a ball holder in the portal scene and start the movements for the time travel. I like playing different characters. I’m looking forward to seeing my costume.


Launchpad is amazing! I love the atmosphere and have met lots of nice people. I’m looking forward to being part of a new show.

Total Ripple Effect will be performed in Sheffield’s Crucible Studio Theatre on Friday 7th June at 3pm and 6:45pm. Tickets are on sale now from https://www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk/events/total-ripple-effect.