Our Rock Your Socks campaign is growing every year, with hundreds of people coming together in a colourful display of support across Sheffield this March.

Rock Your Socks asks people to raise awareness of Sheffield’s learning disability community by wearing their brightest, boldest socks on March 21st.  Wearing socks that stand out can be a great conversation starter, and is an easy, fun, and inclusive way to show your support.

Socks are also a symbolic choice. Down Syndrome occurs when an individual has an additional third copy (trisomy) of chromosome 21 and, when viewed through a microscope, chromosomes look like rows of socks! This is also why we celebrate Rock Your Socks, and World Down Syndrome Day, on the 21st day of the 3rd month each year.

Chromosomes with Down Syndrome trisomy 21

There was a rainbow of weird and wonderful socks on display this March at Sheffield Mencap, with a host of sock-related fun on offer for members including sock puppet shows, socks sing-a-longs and sock design activities. As you can see below, everyone got involved!

We are very grateful to the local groups and organisations who got involved with the campaign, including the Job Centre, All Saints School, Pinders, MGRW+, Very PC and Sheffield Theatres, all of whom organised ‘Rock Your Socks’ activities for their staff and students.

Thank you to everybody who rocked their socks this March – just by wearing brightly coloured socks you have shown your support, started conversations and helped make Sheffield’s learning disability community more visible.

St Oswald's Squirrels group display their socks