Each issue we profile somebody from Sheffield Mencap and Gateway, to find out more about what makes it such a varied and special place. This summer we get to know Gary, a member of our Activity Learning Hub.

How long have you been a member of Sheffield Mencap and Gateway (SMG) and which groups do you attend?

9 years! I’ve always come to ALH – I do drama, sport and creative writing.

What are you proudest of from your time at SMG?

‘My best work is my writing. My story about the 80s’

Gary says he thinks the 80s is the best decade because of all the music and fashion. His favourite 80s musician is Madonna, especially ‘Get Into The Groove!”. His story explores all his favourite memories from being young in the 1980s – told through a dream.

You can read Gary’s story here.

Gary is also very proud of his involvement in the “Launchpad’ drama project. He has done many performances at The Crucible as part of Launchpad, but says he never gets nervous on stage. His favourite moments from this years’ show, ‘Total Ripple Effect’, are ‘playing a customer in a pub, and the moon landing’.

What are your goals for the next year at SMG?

Gary would like to work on his spelling next year and keep writing more stories.

Can you tell us your favourite story or memory from SMG?

‘The first time I came here’ Gary described how he has made good friends at Mencap

What do you do to relax when you’re not at SMG?

‘Watch telly and films…. The Fast and the Furious! All of them!’