Billy told us "cycling was good, like it. Double thumbs up!"

It isn’t officially summer at Sheffield Mencap until Holiday Hub starts! Our members have once again had a fantastic time taking advantage of the good (and bad) weather as they explored places in and around Sheffield.

Holiday Hub is a chance for our members to take a break from all the hard-work they put into groups at our Activity Learning Hub day-service, discover new places and enjoy socialising with different people.

Taking groups out for activities in the community brings significant benefits to our members. Enjoying activities together with the wider population fosters social inclusion, builds self-esteem, confidence and independence, enhances communication skills and stimulates cognitive abilities – as well as being fun!

This year’s Holiday Hub included day trips to the beautiful Peak District towns of Bakewell and Castleton, as well as more local activities like trips to the city centre for ‘Sheffield by The Sea’. Some brand new activities proved popular such as a ride on the Ethel Barge along the Sheffield Canal and a visit to Chesterfield’s medieval markets.

A programme of engaging activities was also created for the people who preferred to stay at our centre, Norfolk Lodge. Members had fun with football theme days, an Alice In Wonderland tea-party and an afternoon tea dance.

Our member George said his favourite day was when they went to Bakewell as he enjoyed ‘looking round the shops and having a packed lunch outside’, adding that the best thing about Holiday Hub was ‘getting out and about somewhere different’.

Sandra told us “ I enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland tea as it was something different and I liked making my Cheshire cat costume. I also enjoyed making my puppet for the Tuesday puppet show”.

Andrew also told us about his best Holiday Hub moments: “ I liked the video game museum it is my favourite place. I went with my friends and went on the dancing stage and saw a Sonic statue”.

A Holiday Hub tea party

Meeting Sonic at The National Videogames Museum

More Holiday Hub fun!