Do you want to improve your health?

This year, take some simple and sustainable steps towards a happier, healthier you.

Live Lighter

If you would like to improve your diet and build a healthier relationship with food then our ‘Live Lighter’ course could be for you. Previous participants have lost weight, reduced body fat, dropped inches from their waist line as well as gaining many health benefits. Live Lighter isn’t just about weight loss – it’s certainly not another ‘quick fix’ diet. The course is designed to allow you to develop healthier habits that will last a lifetime and encourage body positivity.

Live Lighter is a free 12-week course that is held on one evening each week at Sheffield Mencap and Gateway. To find out more, please contact course leader Aaron Firth at or on 01142 767757

Walk and Talk

If you are an unpaid carer for an adult with a learning disability or autism, finding time to take care of your own wellbeing can get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. That’s why our COPe project (Carers Outreach Project) has created a new group that can be attended by both carers and their cared for person. The ‘Walk and Talk’ groups will allow you to get outdoors, get active and get to know people in similar situations to yourself.

The walks will be taking place across Sheffield’s green spaces, with accessibility and ease in mind. Explored below are some of the benefits you might experience by walking and talking with us.

Walking in nature can make everybody feel more relaxed and refreshed, and is especially beneficial for those struggling with their mental health. Exercising in nature is proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, with the people suffering the most experiencing the greatest benefits. The opportunity to socialise is a focus of Walk and Talk groups, as connecting with others is an important contributor to your health and wellbeing. Socialising, when you feel supported, has been found to contribute to the function of immune and cardiovascular systems. Social interaction can also contribute to reducing stress.

Walking reduces the risk of health conditions such as heart disease and can support weight loss. When you walk more often, your muscles become stronger, which relieves the stress experienced by your joints as you move. Walking also promotes the release of endorphins which are a natural pain killer in your body. So, if you are experiencing joint pain, a friendly group like Walk and Talk might be a good place to start.

Walking and talking with us can help improve the health and wellbeing of the person you care for as well as your own. With a hat, some gloves, and a smile, it’ll be fun too!

To find out more about Walk and Talk groups, and see if there is a group running in your local area, please get in touch with Anthony or Jesse on 01142 767757 or at