We believe education is the foundation for inclusion, and that children should be taught about learning disabilities, autism and other neurodiversity in schools.

To support this, we have developed a pack of resources for both primary and secondary aged children to enable them to understand what learning disabilities are – and what they are not.

We hope that through these resources children will be empowered to challenge perceptions about life with a learning disability, and show their support for the learning disability community.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand what learning disabilities are.
  • Explore the lives and experiences of a diverse group of people with a learning disability.
  • Recognise and challenge myths and limiting beliefs about learning disabilities.

Students will also acquire key knowledge, skills and understanding in Citizenship, with numerous cross-curricular benefits and wider subject links.

The resources below can be used at any point, although we recommend March to coincide with Down’s Syndrome Day on 21st March, or June to coincide with Learning Disability Awareness Week from 17th – 23rd June.

If you are interested in combining the project delivery with a fundraising event or enterprise initiative for students, we are happy to send you out a free fundraising resource pack including posters, stickers, and everything else you need to make your event a success. We also have some availability to come into schools to support your delivery of the project in-person.

Download your free resources here

If you would like an informal chat or any support around the content or delivery of the projects, or to request a free fundraising pack, please contact us.