Rock Your Socks for Sheffield Mencap & Gateway this March to raise awareness and vital funds to support people with a learning disability in Sheffield.

Down’s syndrome is just one of many different types of learning disability. Most people have two copies of chromosome 21, while those with three copies of chromosome 21 have Down’s syndrome. This is why we celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day on 21 March each year and encourage people to Rock Your Socks in March. World Down’s Syndrome Day is an inclusive day for everyone and is a chance for us all to celebrate and support people with Down’s syndrome and people with other learning disabilities.

Why Socks?

Human cells have 46 chromosomes. We inherit 23 chromosomes from our mother, and 23 from our father. People with Down’s syndrome have a unique extra copy of chromosome 21. When you look very closely, chromosomes are shaped like little socks. This is why we raise awareness of Down’s syndrome in March by wearing funky socks. By wearing socks that stand out, you can start a conversation and raise vital funds for Sheffield Mencap and Gateway to continue providing essential support for people with a learning disability.

You can learn more about Down’s syndrome here:

 How do I take part?

Joining in the fun is easy! Wear your funkiest socks and make a donation to Sheffield Mencap and Gateway or pick one of our fundraising ideas to rock those socks at. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Rock Your Socks day

    Organise for everyone at your school, work or club to wear their funkiest socks for a suggested donation on World Down’s Syndrome

  • Rock Your Socks challenge

    Plan an activity around the number 21 (individually or in a group) and get sponsored to complete it e.g. run 21 km, bake 21 cakes or organise a quiz with 21 questions.

  • Rock Your Socks competition

    Download our sock colouring resources below to host a colouring competition, with a small suggested donation to enter.
    Or take inspiration from our members and hold a sock monster competition!


Download these promotional materials and activity ideas to get started on your own ‘Rock Your Socks’ fundraising activity.

Sock Design Challenge

Information Sheet        Blank Activity Poster        Sock Puppets        Sock Colouring

Fundraising support

Sheffield Mencap & Gateway would love to hear your fundraising idea and provide any support you need to make it a success. Please contact our fundraising manager here to find out more.

Once you have completed your fundraising activity, the easiest way to pay in the funds you have raised, or make a donation, is via Enthuse:

You can also text ‘sheffieldmencap socks’ to 88802.

You can set up your own fundraising page through Just Giving:

Don’t forget to share pictures of you rocking your socks this March!

Tag Sheffield Mencap on social media and use #RockYourSocksSheffieldMencap

Download this ‘I’m rocking my socks’ image to share here