Follow our easy step-by-step guide for planning a fundraiser to help you with organising your event and aid its success.

  • Step 1: Pick your fundraising event

    With so many different ideas to consider choosing the type of event can be the most difficult aspect of planning a fundraiser. Firstly, consider who will be involved with the fundraiser and its appeal to donators. Choose something to suit your interests, and others involved, as this will help maintain your enthusiasm throughout the event. Have a look at our Fundraising Ideas page for inspiration.

  • Step 2: Find a venue and choose a date

    If you need a venue to host your event, try contacting local venues and asking if they would consider hiring the venue to you for free. Many places will provide venues for free if they achieve a certain amount of money through other sources such as selling food and drink to the guests that attend the event.

  • Step 3: Get permissions and licenses

    Charity fundraising is regulated by law so check our fundraising guidelines to see if you need to attain any permissions or licenses to legally execute your event.

  • Step 4: Source items needed for the event

    If your event is something like a tombola or cake sale, try contacting local businesses and ask them if they would be willing to donate a product to be used for your fundraising event. Ask if they would like to have their leaflets or business cards at the event to show gratitude for their donation and help promote their business at the event.

  • Step 5: Source items needed to raise the funds

    Consider how you will be raising funds. Will you be using collection boxes, sponsorship forms or an online donation page such as ‘Just Giving’?

  • Step 6: Advertise your event

    Advertising your event is a crucial element to any fundraiser. The more advertising you do the more people are likely to attend. For information on advertising you can contact the Network Office on 01733 873 712, who can provide information regarding local papers and media sources.

  • Step 7: Enjoy the event!!!

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