The AQA Unit Award Scheme

The AQA Unit Award Scheme enables learners to achieve recognised accreditation in a variety of topics allowing achievements to be recognised with certification.

Adopted by Sheffield Mencap and offered through Activity and Learning Hub, it has been invaluable to our members and enables members with a learning disability to gain accreditation for their achievements. We have successfully delivered the AQA unit award scheme and have claimed over 2,000 certificates for over 60 members undertaking educational programmes at Sheffield Mencap since 2014. Certification have been achieved in a variety of subjects inclusive of Performing Arts, ICT, Arts and Crafts, Independent Living Skills, Cooking, Design and Technology, Numeracy, Literacy and Enterprise.

The scheme is currently delivered to over 50 students on Mondays and Tuesdays by five qualified tutors and five learning support assistants. Students are assessed on their ability and groups are carefully allocated before units are selected based on the needs and interests of the individuals in the group. Units and submissions are overseen by an onsite experienced Education Leader, employed by Sheffield Mencap, whose sole purpose is to ensure units are being delivered accurately and efficiently and work is completed to guarantee successful completion of units for all students.

The AQA Award Scheme was selected as it allows flexibility of units to be adapted and new units to be created by tutors which allows units to be suited to the needs of our students increasing the chance of them successfully attaining certificated recognition for their achievements.


Sheffield Mencap & Gateway Team
Sheffield Mencap & Gateway
Sheffield Mencap & Gateway Team
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Developed in 1977, PQASSO is the leading quality standard for the voluntary sector.

Sheffield Mencap & Gateway are currently working towards PQASSO Quality Standard Level 1. Successful completion will demonstrate that we are running the organisation effectively and efficiently based on the following quality areas:

  1. Planning
  2. Governance
  3. Leadership and Management
  4. User-centred Service
  5. Managing people
  6. Learning and Development
  7. Managing Money
  8. Managing Resources
  9. Communication and Promotion
  10. Working with Others
  11. Monitoring and Evaluation

As an organisation, we are continuously exploring new ways to improve the way we manage and deliver our services and will continue to do so to ensure we are delivering the highest quality of services to our users.