Sharing Caring coronavirus update:

Our Carers Services Teams are working hard to provide telephone services remotely from our office. All the group and face to face appointments have been postponed following guidance from the government on social distancing.

Our usual services are reduced but we are available to support and offer advice. If you would like to discuss any concerns with one of the team please ring 0114 276 7757 or e-mail

You can still refer yourself to any of our projects. Please see referral form to the right and e-mail to

You can contact members of our Carers Support team on the following mobile numbers:

Kirsty: 07928384020

Cathy: 07398158089

Ellie: 07735316347

Katie: 07447391437

We are regularly updating our guidance and support for families and carers throughout the coronavirus outbreak. You can find this information by clicking here.

Carers Outreach Project (COPe)

The Carers Outreach Project (COPe) is a brand new project from Sheffield Mencap & Gateway. COPe works with family carers who care for someone with a Learning Disability and/ or autism. The project brings together a group of carers and those who they care for in fortnightly sessions which run from 10:30am-3:30pm and are free of charge.

During the session some carers stay and help during the activity, the others will leave knowing their loved one is in safe hands. Carers take it in turns to stay for the activity or have a respite break.

The COPe team is based at Sheffield Mencap & Gateway and you can contact them in the following ways:


Visit us: Sheffield Mencap & Gateway, Norfolk Lodge, Park Grange Road, Sheffield, S2 3QF.

 An introduction to the Carers Outreach Project (COPe)

Following government advice and social distancing rule we cannot hold our groups in person, however we are running free weekly online meet-ups including dance sessions, drawing, bingo and quizzes. Please take a look at our video below to find out more.

Introducing our new groups from COPe

Download leaflets for each of our online COPe events on the links below:

Find out more and register for our online meet-ups on our Facebook page.

We are still taking referrals and are keen to discuss the projects, so please e-mail for more information.

Please check our Facebook page for regular updates and activities from the Sheffield Mencap team

Sheffield Mencap & Gateway

Our new Birley COPe Group has now launched!

Find out more 

The Sharing Caring Project (SCP) Keep In Touch Service (K.I.T.S)

SCP has been providing support for families of persons with a learning disability for over 20 years. Although reduced in capacity in 2017, the passion to support families remains with the launch of K.I.T.S.

K.I.T.S. works with the Sheffield Carers Centre and focuses on supporting families aged 55 years plus who are caring for a person with a learning disability at home or regularly support a relative living elsewhere.

The aim of K.I.T.S. is to provide a keep in touch service for families and help them to develop plans for the future and emergency long term plans. Regular, useful, information sessions are held for families around various topics and, if needed, face-to-face appointments at Sheffield Mencap are available to discuss issues or concerns in more detail. Capacity for home visits is very limited but appointments can be arranged where necessary.

The service is provided by Kirsty Worstenholm and Cathy Oliver who are both highly experienced in working with families and carers.

Future Planning & Emergencies

Downloadable information: