About Communicate

At Communicate we aim to improve social interaction and communication for children with learning disabilities and/or autism. We do this through fun, engaging and relaxing activities including arts and crafts, team games and physical activities. We choose activities that help to improve turn-taking abilities, attention and focus, listening skills and children’s abilities to follow instructions, share space and to have conversations. The Communicate project is designed to help children with learning disabilities and/or autism to engage in interactions and communications which they may usually find challenging.

Each week we have a break time, where we offer drinks, fruit, toast and crumpets. Children queue up and ask for their snack and drink. We ask that parents remain in the parents’ room during this time, as this is also an important opportunity to support and develop communication and social interaction.

A room for parents, carers & guardians

We have a dedicated room for parents, carers & guardians at Norfolk Lodge, where you can have a cuppa and a chat to others, knowing your child is in having fun in a safe environment. Throughout the year, our Service Manager will drop into the parents room at scheduled times to maintain regular contact, collect feedback, offer support and to answer any questions you have.

Meet the team


When does it run?

  • Delivery dates: Saturday mornings, school term time only
  • Length of attendance: One school year, September to July
  • Time: 10am-12pm
  • Venue: Norfolk Lodge
  • Cost: £3 per session. This is charged per term and is payable at the start of each new term.

Sheffield Mencap & Gateway does not want anyone to be excluded because of the cost to attend our services. Please speak to the Children’s Services Coordinator or Service Manager if you feel this applies to you.


  • Age: 6-12
  • Abilities: This session is delivered in a teaching space where children are supported to join in with tabletop activities. Sessions contain short and varied activities to keep children engaged. Communicate is best suited to children who are able to remain in one room for 45 minutes at a time.

Due to staffing numbers, we cannot provide 1-1 support and we do not provide personal care. If your child requires personal care we would ask you to stop the duration of the session, in our dedicated parent’s room or be contactable by telephone.


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Communicate activities to do from home