The Keeping In Touch (KIT) Service supports unpaid/family carers of somebody with a learning disability or autism. Our friendly, caring team will make sure that they provide help, advice and practical support that is right for you and your family.

How we can support you

Planning for the Future

Planning for the future can be daunting, not just practically but emotionally. At Sheffield Mencap and Gateway, we are here to support you with planning the future for the person you care for. This process can take months to years to implement, and we will make sure it is at the right pace for you. We offer a range of services and can help you access support from other health and care professionals.

Emergency Planning

These are plans that will let others know what to do if there is an emergency where the main carer(s) are unable to care for a period of time. Start by filling in this form: Emergency Plan Form

Have you completed your plan at home but are not sure what to do with it now? Contact us and we can support you to share this document with the right people and health care professionals.

Health Passports

These are plans that have been designed to collect information about the cared-for adult to share with health care professionals, whether attending appointments or during admission into hospital.

Heath Passport Form

Have you completed your Health Passport form at home but are not sure what to do with it now? Contact us and we can support you to share this document with the right people.

Benefits and Forms

Although we are not able to advise you financially, we can support you with filling in forms and ensure you get the full range of benefits you are entitled to. These benefits can be for you as the carer, or the person you care for and may include Carer’s Allowance, PIP and the Blue Badge Scheme.


We all need a break from time to time but finding the right sort of respite can be tricky. Respite needs vary and can depend on personal and financial circumstances. Regardless of the situation, we will support you to find the help you need.


It can be challenging to think about the future and where your loved one will live. There are many options and things to think about such as location, support and finances. Whether you just want to chat about your choices or already know what you want but are unsure how to action it, the team is here to help.

Support and Advice

With over 40 years’ combined experience supporting carers, our KIT team have the knowledge and understanding to help you work through your issues and concerns. They can assist with planning and preparing for meetings with other agencies, and in some cases attend the meeting with you.

Life After Caring

Carers can spend many years caring and often don’t think about what life will look like beyond this. As the carer, you are at the heart of everything we do and will support you to transition with these changes.

Carer Support Groups

We host regular social/support groups and information sessions for carers including ‘Future Planning’, ‘Exploring Housing’, and ‘Wills and Trusts’. See our News and Information page for upcoming dates.