Activity & Learning Hub

Activity & Learning Hub (which we call ALH, for short) runs Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at Norfolk Lodge. ALH is for adults and we offer many different groups and activities, to help our members learn new skills, develop confidence and to become more independent – all based on their interests and what they want to achieve.

Our members have access to a fantastic range of facilities and activities at Norfolk Lodge. We have a fully equipped kitchen where members can learn how to prepare meals and drinks, and they can develop front of house skills at ‘Mencafe’, where other members, volunteers, staff and sometimes members of the public come for a delicious lunch.

Our ICT suite is equipped for digital activities including animation, media and creative writing, and we have a workshop for design and technology, and art and crafts. We have two sports groups taking place over the week at ALH, in our large sports hall.

The beautiful grounds at Norfolk Lodge keep our gardening group busy, including tending to our numerous vegetable patches, lawns and hedgerows. We also offer courses in performing arts, independent living, culture studies and sport, and sewing.

Our activities are designed to help adults to learn useful and practical life skills, or to develop and practice interests they already have. We can even offer AQA accreditations for some courses.

All in a safe, relaxed, and welcoming environment, led by experts in their field.

ALH is an invoiced service, and usually forms part of a person’s Adult Social Care Plan. We offer every new student a free trial so they can come in and see what it’s like and so we can make sure this is the right service for everyone who attends.

Want to know more? Please call our Development Manager on 0114 276 7757 or email